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Dare to play Tourist

May 5, 2010

Night walks happen to be one of my favorite things.  I love the summer cool- or cooler- breaze and the feel of my body slowing down from the day.  SO tonight- being that I am done with school.  I went for a wonderful night walk.  I night walk at home with my Mom- but this was just me.  I also took my camera along with me so I could take pictures of my campus.  I have to prepare you though I live on the most beautiful campus ever!  You may want to transfer or move to be closer to the lovely place I live.  SO drink in the beauty that is Saint Louis University.

This is Notre Dame- The chapel in this building is amazing!  Plus it’s just a pretty building

Okay this statue is just pretty- I like it!  I’m sure it has some meaning, but in general, it’s cool!

Again- Just a nice picture

We started eating at Crazy Bowls and Wraps my freshman year.  It’s the best healthy restaurant I know of!  Plus it has amazing iced tea.  The amount of amazing conversations that have taken place in this restaurant is out of this world.  We went through break ups, birthdays, good days, bad day, and life changes around a warm chicken veggie bowl on brown rice!  I will always love this place

Thanks I do!

SO PRETTY oh I LOVE the spring- yes I am a flower child!  How pretty is this rose.  It’s so pink and amazing

OKAY now I have to show you my church.  This church is epic!  It’s most likely the most amazing church I have been in.  I should go in and take pictures of the instead.

Wait. . .

YEP that is MY church- Plus it’s Jesuit.  If you don’t know what that means it means liberal Catholic.  SO we are a totally social justice school- we log more service hours than any other university in the midwest!  Yep that is  US

I’m a little proud to be a billikin

Finally A look at the past from a door I’ve never used but always thought was beautiful

Okay welp- I’m going to turn off the Office and read for an hour before bed.  I love to read!  I’m working on a silly teen book by an author I will always love a little.

Perfect night walk though!  What can I say- I’ll miss this place!


In good news- Einstein Bros. Bagels is in the student center at my new school!  Which means I can still get coffee!  I LOVE Einstein’s coffee- it’s the liquid of life!

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