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Dare to Watch TV

May 7, 2010

Okay this may sound crazy but I hardly ever watch TV.  It’s kind of a only when I have a little big of time thing.  I do however have shows that I enjoy.  My favorite is Mercy on NBC!  I like the characters a lot and it makes me want to work in a hospital for a while.  A good friend of mines Mom is a RD and she told me that after college she loved working in the hospital because she worked with a lot of “young” people.  I think I’m with her

Veronica is the back form Iraq nurse.  My brother will deploy in the next few months.  I feel like her adjustment back has made me think about my brother.  Things have to be hard when you come back.

The other nurses are a lot of fun also.  Sonia is in this funny relationship with Nick who is beautiful.  Also I like her doing the “right” thing attitude- even when it gets her in trouble.

Chloe might be my favorite- first off her relationships are crazy!  Plus she really has just not been in any relationships- which makes me like her even more.  Every relationship she is in is kind of a new thing.  I feel like we have a lot of newness in common.

I started watching Mercy over Christmas break when I had nothing to do.  I got addicted and I either go to the gym when it’s on or I watch it on my lap top randomly during the week.  So that is what I’m doing today- kicking back and watching Mercy.  It’s like the new ER (I also loved ER. . . watched it every week with my parents).

So yep- that is how this non TV watcher watches TV.

I’m headed out to get new Eyeliner and mascara!  I usually wear brown- but I may try black (WOW crazy).  What do you think?  I also have to get a new dress this weekend/ next week.  Any stores you think would be best?  I live in Saint Louis- but can travel a little.


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