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Dare to run a mile

May 9, 2010

No biggie right- it’s just a mile.  I mean two months ago I was running 70 miles a week.  That, however, was before bursitis.

It’s been two months off and 6 weeks of PT but today I ran a mile!  At first I was freaked out.  I mean -what if it still hurts- what if it’s not okay?  What would I do then?   I am already sick of resting- the eliptical and I are ready to end our relationship.  Yes I am addicted to running/moving- my friend MattyD calls us kinesoholics!

SO I’m a runner again.  It looks like my mileage will stay low, at least for a few more weeks, but I’ll be back!

In other news Happy Mothers Day- love you Mom

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