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Dare to recover

May 10, 2010

As you know- after 8 weeks off, I ran one mile yesterday!  Today my Body is telling me not to run.  My knee feels good but has a little bit of a twinge so I’m going to bike and eliptical today.  I also plan on doing all my workouts and really focus on getting strong.  I iced my entire left knee like a mad person today- I’ll hit it up again a few more times today and really get strong!  So today I decided to  post pictures I’ve been looking at online.

First off Kara Goucher- Pregnant how amazing- that is going to be one fast baby 🙂

cute- I love that she is married to a runner- they are so cute

and for body inspiration I leave you with

Yep- I’m a runner but I don’t look like that!  Let’s face it though- that is what I want to look like as a runner

in other news- I’m looking at new hair ideas- I’m thinking I’ll keep growing it long and then add bangs at the end of the summer/ early fall when the weather cools off

What do you think?  Let me know I’d love to hear

Well this runner is watching biggest loser and cleaning so I’ll get back to that- just thought I’d let you in on what I was looking at while I recovered

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