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Dare to admit i

May 11, 2010

I admit it- I’m guilty of it

now I know you are asking WHAT

WELL: I gained the freshman 15 over my four years of college.  Now I’m about to leave college- it’s time to loose it.  SO wanna help/watch?  Well I’m planning to blog the summer away as I loose it!

disclamer: I do not think I’m fat.  I would like to look better in my cloths, I would like to be healthier

ALSO I am a huge runner coming back from a knee injury.  Weighing less means I can train more.  So this weight loss is for me and my own hopes and dreams to run a 2 hour 20 minute marathon on the spring

I hit the gym and elipticalled for an hour changing resistance but keeping the rpm above 120.  I then biked for about 15 minutes to cool down then it came to my summer workout plan which is

My plan is to do workouts form this book 6 days a week and then do yoga the 7nth day (for me this will be Sunday)

Todays workout were: Build your Best Body Ever workout and the Slim your butt and thighs workout

The other day I’ll do the be bikini body ready in 2 weeks and Get Long and Lean workout

Plus some extra ab workouts when time permits.  In 6 weeks I’ll take a picture of the results- I promise!

I finished my workout with one of these

I kept it light today- water spinach, half a banana, and protein a

maybe about 150 cals

we are headed to dollar burgers tonight so i wanted something that would really pack in the v and m’s!

Okay so I admitted it!  Are you in for the ride?

Oh and I am looking at the menu for dollar burgers- I have to order a drink 😦 to get a burger for a dollar.  I think I’ll order something light and go for half a burger, does that sound smart?

In other news my favorite singer just released her newest song

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  1. peanutbutterfingers permalink
    May 13, 2010 2:44 pm

    a 2 hr. 20 min marathon!? daaaang girl you’d smoke me! i ran a half marathon in 2:15! 🙂 that’s like record-running material!

    • May 13, 2010 7:58 pm

      ahhh clearly I was not thinking- it was 3:20 I’m not that fast. . . I should proof what I write huh:)

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