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Dare to get back on track

May 13, 2010

funny how moving can really mess with you!  Please excuse me for the fact that yesterday I totally fell off track!  I cleaned our apartment like a mad women-trouble was I have three roomies and I did a lot of it myself.  Plus I didn’t feel good- SO  This of course put me in a bad mood. . .  You catch my drift

So today I decided I am NOT going to be in a bad mood

I will pick myself up-have a heathy breakfast (oatmeal and coffee) and get back on the band wagon.  I read a recent article about how women who lost a lot of weight were able to keep losing/ get back on the band wagon.  Their number one advise was to let bad days go and get back on track.  I wish my bad day had not been right after I told you all about my goal-but it was.  SO I have to deal with that and get back on

I also thought about my day and think I can attribute some of the bad day to a lack of sleep.  I stayed up late reading “American Wife”

Does anyone else read a lot?  I get really into my books and I can’t put them down.  This one has me hooked!  I really like the characters and her writing style

I’ve also read

Which I read in High School and enjoyed but didn’t love.  This girls was SO different from me

On the other hand I really enjoy “The Man of my Dreams” Although is freaked me out a little and totally gave me a reality check.  “American Wife” has been my favorite by her so far.

I’m an author reader- Anyone else?  By this I mean I tend to read my favorite author over and over Some I really like are

I really like Sarah Dessen- even though she writes for a teen crowd- I like her characters and her view on the world.  Her characters tend to be perfectionists which someone (ME) finds in common with them.

Quote I like

The basic fact of the matter is that no, this isn’t ideal. Very few things are. Sometimes, you have to manufacture your own history. Give fate a push, so to speak. You know?’
From Sarah Dessen “Along for the Ride”

I also really enjoy

Jodi Picoult

Charles Frazier – “Cold Mountain” “Thirteen Moons”

Books I have loved include

“Ellen Foster” Kaye Gibbons

“Cold Sassy Tree” Olive Ann Burns

Oh I could go on and on!  I also LOVE the classics.  Jane Austen- Charles Dickens (read a Christmas Carole about every Christmas)- The Bronte Sisters-Oh and SO many more

SO what about you?  This Blog post which started out being about getting back on track is now about books (funny can you tell I love to talk about books)!

Well I’m going to keep getting back on track and go to PT!  Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday


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