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See you- the new good bye

May 17, 2010

these days I’m not into saying good bye.  I’m leaving my college life today and moving on.  Sorry I have no graduation pictures- my parents were in charge of pictures and I left it to them.  SO as a result I have no pictures from this weekend- woops.  Anyway- we are not saying goodbye- I’m saying I’ll see you later- while later is undefined it’s a time.  Sometime someday I’ll see you again.  We will grow and we will change- but we will run into each other someday.

SO we are growing up- what do you think!  Man are we getting old!  Do you ever feel like getting old means your actually getting younger?  I feel more okay with being a kid know than I did as a 18 year old.  I love to play- mud fights, dancing, and most importantly laughing my butt off.  SO yep I grew down not grew up over college.

As for the life style changes we talked about a few days ago- I think the change to home life will help.  The last few days have been filled with cake-pasta-bread-and lots of unhealthy food.  OH and wine -strawberry wine which makes me sing

Yep love that song.  We actually sang it while we drank the wine.  SO home will be easier to get back on track!  I already have plans for my changes- including as little dessert as possible and lots of healthier foods.  The unlimited dessert has been killing me the last few days.  SO back to the grinding board right 🙂

Well today I’ve had three cups of coffee with a friend- been to the gym for the last time- and will pack my car in a second.  Then it’s homeward bound.  I promise I’ll blog Tuesday in the basement of my house 🙂  I plan on having a work out video marathon and just chilling okay 🙂

Love and Peace


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