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Dare to BLUSH

May 21, 2010

SO I have to admit something a little- well lets just say something that made me blush. . .   My Mom and I went to a Garage Sale today.  I love garage sales about as much as I love goodwill 🙂  Anyway it’s a small town so the Garage Sale was my High School fitness teachers garage sale.  They had a box of matching pretty dishes for $25.  We decided to get them.  He picked the box up and handed to me.  I lost my balance and dropped them all.  Yep I think I turned SO pink- can you believe it!

SO what about you- have you ever done something that makes you wish you could shrink to the size of a snail and crawl away?

A few garage sales latter I found dishes I liked better.  We found the glasses and then the plates to match

They are cute and I like them- but man I wish I could have shrunk in that moment- Woops

Okay so I’m a 22 year old- I can get over stuff like that

In other news my summer study books are

Understanding Food and Chemistry

Aren’t you jealous!  Just kidding just kidding I need to get a head start for next year.  I don’t want to be behind only 50% of dietetics majors get internships and I really need to be in the 50%.  SO while I want to have a lot of fun this summer- I also need to keep learning.

So the orange under all my photos is my bed

Cute Huh!  I love this bed spread!  I can’t wear orange but I like orange!  It’s such a happy color and I also LOVE flowers which are also very happy!  What can I say I’m a happy person

SO yep I’m actually watching the biggest loser on Hulu just cause.  I think I’ll hit the road and see if I can get three miles in, then I’ll walk back.  Can I do it?  I haven’t run 3 miles yet but I have run two.  I’m going to role my IT band out before I hit the road.

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