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Morning Pages

May 23, 2010

I told you that I am reading this book right?

I already LOVE it.  I love when she talks about how creativity block causes us to gain weight.  I mean we just carry all this stuff around in our head and it gets to us.  Without even noticing it we turn to food and then before we know it we have eaten so much.  As a social work major and a future RD I see a huge connection between our emotions and what we eat.  People who feel good about themselves don’t overeat.  Without giving you so much info that you don’t read the book- her first challenge is to do morning pages of just rambles.

I woke up early this morning and got to work.  Waking up early is a unwritten challenge I have with myself this summer.  Loosing the freshman 15 is of course my huge real summer challenge. . . BUT anyway back to the morning pages.  I got up showered and started in.  Here is a look at what my desk looks like

Yep warm coffee- a shamrock- my journal- and a picture of one of my best races.  It keeps me motivated.

The morning pages are almost like a meditation on life.  It’s nice to just let yourself go on paper.  Who cares what you write as long as you are letting go and getting it all out

As a bookmark for my journal I selected another picture

It’s from another of my best races in High School.  I ran all four years- but my senior year I had a break through.  Getting back to running like that is one of the reasons I want to loose the freshman 15.  It gets in the way of hard training.

SO I did my Morning Pages and I’ve actually had a really productive day.  I went to church, cleaned my car, went errand running with my Mom and am about to go for a 4 mile run and 2 mile walk.  I think I’ll lift weights when I get home and then jump in our freezing cold pond.  It’ll feel good though- keeps you cool for a long time.

Have a good Sunday


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