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Thanks Carrie Underwood

May 24, 2010

SO Truth- I kind of LOVE Carrie Underwood- but not her music. . .  Which yes is weird- I know!

I kind of like this one

and this one

and cause I love my Dog I LOVE this one- and Agree

So yeah but I don’t LOVE her music by any means but I do like her personality- I like that she told Ellen she won’t move in with a man until she is married!  Plus I love that at 2

GO CARRIE- something new in our world!

I also LOVE that she talks about loosing the weight she put on in college.  She really inspires me in that way

I mean really looks amazing

SO amazing.  I know celebs get a lot of help but lets face it they also put in a lot of work and have to be careful about what they eat.  I love that Carrie admits that and talks about her food journal

Check out those legs on that girl- and yes she must workout

She is also a veg!  I’m not a veg yet- but I see it as a possibility in my future!

I know it’s weird (I never even watched American Idol) but I really like Carrie.  I just think she is cute!  AND she loves big hair ( I have tons of hair and it looks best BIG I call it my Texas Hair- I’ll show you a picture sometime).

Do you have any celebs who inspire you? I think knowing that Carrie had to do the work and did the work helps me.

this girl makes me smile and she looks good and she is just a good country girl


ALSO: Did I mention she is 27 and on the Ellen show she told Ellen her longest relationship was a year!  OH and She is engaged to a hockey player- which is very cool

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