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If I had a Million Dollars

May 25, 2010

LOVE this song- Makes me smile

I like the Barenaked Ladies!  They make me think of my brothers- we used to belt out tunes their tunes on our way to school every morning.  I think it’s one of the benefits of having only brothers- they are not afraid to sing their lunges out and make fools of themselves!

My little brother (not that little he is 17 know) and I LOVE this one

We laugh really hard and sing!  Even my Mom gets into it

Anyway- I actually do not even have close to a million dollars- lets face it I’m a poor grad student

but I can dream!  Check out these t-shirts from food

SO Cute my two favorites are

as a kid (and adult) I loved cauliflower!  My Mom loves to tell the story of how I would beg for cauliflower and say “Mommy Pease Pease”

I also think this one is cute

Okay so they are not a million dollars- but $20.  Maybe for some reason in the future I’ll come up with a reason to splurge on one.

I ran 4 miles this am and then walked a cool down.  After that I met my trainer Jillian and she really worked me out hard 🙂  (by that I mean I did the 30 day shred which I like- totally gets my heart rate up and may be enough strength for my weight lifting day off).

I’ve been planning a 15 minute Yoga class for my Moms seniors (she works as a retirement home).  I’m really excited to go in tomorrow morning and see what they think.  Going through all of the Yoga stuff made me want to do more yoga.  I found some 10 minute podcasts so I’m thinking if I can do just one or two a day my flexibility should increase

Well I’m going to close with a video that amazed me last night.  SO I don’t watch dancing with the stars but I happened to catch a little bit last night and thought this dance was cool.  It reminded me of “Center Stage” and made/makes me want to dance around the house.

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