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teaching Yoga to seniors

May 26, 2010

SO my Mom works in a assisted living community.  She is the activities director and LOVES her job.  I have not really had anything to do the last few days (okay the last two weeks) so she deiced I should come in and teach yoga people who are older at her work (social work words. . .   people who are . . . fill in with the description word- like of color- as for people who are suffering from a disease you say people who have. . . diabetes . . . people are after all a person more than they are a condition).

SO I took her up on it.  I actually really enjoyed myself.  I liked the people and they were very kind to me.

To prepare I watched this youtube video and I found a guided meditation

I think they liked the guided meditation best.  One of the ladies said- hmmm. . . so Yoga is about breathing.  It was the perfect answer- YES Yoga is about breathing- taking time to breath.

As I was going in to the class I actually was giving myself a really hard time cause I have not been practicing Yoga at all lately.  What she said hit me though- Yoga is about breathing and when you don’t take time for breath than life gets out of balance

So while yes I have had two weeks of my life off- but really it’s only two weeks.  It’s okay to take a cleansing breath in so when you get twisted

you can return to your center

Do you have a trick for staying centered?

What do you do in your time off?

How do you get back to your roots?

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