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The Biggest Loser

May 26, 2010

I have to tell you- U enjoy the biggest loser!  I like how that they put the hard work in and the results come!  I’m sure it takes a lot of work but it’s so cool to see their results!  SO I don’t actually watch enough to know a lot about the show but when I do see it I enjoy it.

WOW SO Sheri just came out and that women looks amazing.  Did you see those muscles?

OHHH but the twin brothers still have a lot of weight to loose.  I think it’s interesting how some of the contestants looks “done” and others still have a lot to loose.

Anyway- I’ve been looking for some granola bar suggestions.  Breakfast has not been going well the last few days.  I have been having trouble convincing myself I need to have breakfast.  It’s hot and usually I need to eat before (or after) I run.  Does anyone have granola bars they like.  I don’t want it to be sugary or supper sweet.  I want an oats flavor- just something simple.

Okay let me know what brands you like.

SIDE TRACK: I’m back to the Biggest Loser.  Melissa looks really good- but man she was a (b word) on the ranch.

Fitness Magazine suggested these I like them but I think they are dessertish

Do you have suggestions as to what to do when you just don’t feel like eating breakfast?  It just doesn’t fit in my schedule, especially before I run.  SO what do you do?  What do you DO?

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