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Girly thing to do

June 1, 2010

SO SO SO I have been watching the bachelorette on hulu ( I know I know I’m such a girl)!  BUT my favorites are

Chris L

I like that he didn’t tell her about moving home because his Mom was sick.  I think he will be a stand out- just seems cute

I also like Jesse

Maybe because he is only 24 so you have to cheer for the young guy.  ALSO he is from Missouri so you know- midwest boy!

Anyway being a girl can be fun sometimes!  I sure like it 🙂

Do you think that the reason I like these two is because the show is hinting at something?  One summer I watched the bachelor and from the first episode I liked the girl who won best.  I wonder. . .

OH dang- the weatherman Jonathon N got a rose- he just isn’t that special/kind of a girl.  Oh well 🙂

SO yes I am watching the bachelor but I’m way excited about loosing it with Jillian which starts tonight!  YEAH

Okay well I’m going to go watch more bachelorette!  Maybe the weatherman won’t make the cut next week

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