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My First Big Girl Wedding

June 1, 2010

SO as I told you on Saturday I went to my first friend wedding.  As in it was my friend- not my cousin- not my parents friend- but MY friend!  Pat and I were RA’s together for two years in one of the freshman dorms at Saint Louis University.  While I sometimes almost pulled my hair out as an RA- Pat was and still is one of the coolest people I met.  He used to wake up at the crack of dawn to run with me!  When he couldn’t make it- he always called!  I have to say I think Whitney is one lucky girl- I hope someday I find someone as great as Pat!

SO the wedding was outdoors in Saint Louis.  Saturday was a scorcher (like over 100 degrees)!  But it was beautiful

Here are the Greis Staff girls catching some sun

and how funny is this picture- the boys had to loose their coats cause they had to be burning

The Party was at Scott Air Force Base- It was very pretty and of course SO much Fun

check out the flowers you can see them in the back of this one

Yep thats the roomie from my other pictures!  She was also an RA

OH a wedding picture of Pat and Whitney

Her dress was very classy!  I loved the high neck line!

What a WONDERFUl Couple!  I liked this shot of her dress

We danced the night away!  I’m leaving you with a final shot of the Gries (our dorm) boys!  They are just so much fun

Danny (getting married in about a month), Pat, Ken, and Mike!  Love them

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