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A little more country than that

June 5, 2010

Note picture

I guess I’m into adding music to my blogs!  I really love this song and sang it when I got fed up of the city this spring (What can I say- I’m a little more country than that) I decided to pick this song because of my evening activities.

I might have spent my friday night sitting around a camp fire in one of friends yards- eating chunks off a loaf of rhubarb bread.  Also played with his coon dog who is the most beautiful dog ever!  Sorry Deccan (our amazing black lab)

I could only find picture of him as a pup- he is know full grown

Oh so background on the little more country than that I actually do live in the country

That is my backyard!  I KNOW!  I’ve lived in the city but the country just fits 🙂


First off

I really like this yoga video!  I liked that I got a stretch but I also got a workout!  While it was not 30 day shred (my favorite) it was yoga so I didn’t expect that.  I liked that there was both an advanced person and a beginners person.  I went back and forth between the two.  I want to add this to my schedule and try for 3 days a week.  OH but I do not think I could lose 5 lbs in a week!  Really Jillian the math does not work on that one.


Okay I LOVE this stuff.  I’m addicted!  My skin feels really great and smooth plus it took some of the red out of my complexion (As you can tell you earlier picture I have issues with my red pink complexion).  I want to try other stuff by this brand!  Has anyone tried this brand? What did you like?


Nourishing Coconut Milk Instant Repair Treatment

Okay SO I’m sorry I don’t have a bad review but I really liked this.  I like that my hair feels human again and not like straw (summer sun kills my hair)!  I’ve tried the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner by this brand and like them.  I love the smell!  Smells like the beach!  Has anyone tried other smells/combinations by this brand? I think mocha espresso would be wonderful in the mourning and that cherry blossom ginseng just sounds good!

Okay blast back!  What do you think?  What new products have you found?

I leave you with a sun set from my back porch

Yep I’m a little more country than that

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