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Dare to make black bean burgers

June 7, 2010

I have tried once before but it was for my little brother.  Bless his heart he will eat anything I make!  Nate is my sweet brother.  Did I mention I have three brothers.  Nate is 17 and is the most sweet (although really I think it would make him mad to hear me say that).  AHHHGGGMMMM I mean Nate is my soccer loving captain planet brother saving the planet one compost pile, prairie restoration, and tree plant at a time!

Tonight though was a tougher crowd.  My Mom and Dad.  I used the blogger cook out I read about on KERF.  It’s Emily’s from her blog the front burner

I also made sweet potato fries (didn’t get enough grill time), asparagus and pepers

the grill looked like this

Yum Yum Yum. .. .

AND guess WHAT my parents LOVED them!  YEAH

that will be one point for healthy food!

In other food news.  Check out how my Green Monster was glowing

Yes I know- isn’t it beautiful 🙂

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