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Going with Half

June 11, 2010

SO these days I’m all about going with halfs.  What you ask is going half?  It means I like wine and cookies way to much to give them up!  Just telling the truth.

As much as I love self magazines Eat Like Me (who doesn’t, she is the inspiration of all food bloggers) I swear that women never cheats!

Me, however, well I’ve got to cheat a little 🙂  I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.  So I present to you my trick for cheating.  Have one cheat or half of two.

half a glass of wine before (and during) dinner and

half a chocolate chip cookie after dinner.  What can I say-I like my half.  Know if I felt set on a glass of wine-I would skip the cookie.  If I really wanted a cookie (more days a week) I would have a full cookie.  Somedays I don’t feel the need for either.  However- lets face it, a treat is a treat and when you run everyday and walk most nights with your Mom- you get a treat right (just not tons of treats been there- done that)

SO I raise my glass to healthy balance

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