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Pick up your crazy heart

June 15, 2010

Watch Crazy Heart with my Mom and Dad last night.  I actually really liked it (in a is this every going to get better movie).  I loved the theme song “The Weary Kind”

It’s just got a good sound!

So this mourning I caught up on The Bachlorette. . . I was sad to see Jesse go and just want to know I would also love to live on a few acres with cows.  He was totally “my kind ” of guy.  When he said he was excited to go home and see his dogs I melted!

I, however, have to tell you I am still totally in Love with Chris L.  I feel like the show kind of tells you who is going to make it far and I’m feeling it will be Chris L, Roberto, and Kirk.

Who do you think will be the final three?

OH and did I mention Casey is a little freaky!

While I caught up on the boys I had some great breakfast

okay SO I may have had more fruit (yikes I eat SO much fresh fruit).  I also grabbed a handful of cereal and almonds to add some stick to my breakfast!

I’ve been working on emails . . . . All morning and am just know planning my workout which looks like this

It’s gross weather (again) so my plan is to do the 2 miles on the tred mill followed by body pump 70 which I found online and then walk one mile up hill on the tread mill.

I’m headed to look at a apartment in Bloomington this afternoon.  I’m dragging a friend along (I’m totally the kind of girl who can’t see the bad in a situation so I need help).  Then I’m going to go be a cheerleader at his soccer game (this is totally a girlfriend job but Pat and I have a brother sister relationship so if I make jokes and make fun of him it’ll work 🙂

I promise apartment pictures this afternoon!

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