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June 17, 2010

SO I have something to admit.  I was not a huge Titanic fan.  I was in 4th grade when the movie came out and I just didn’t love it.  Maybe it was that my Mom is not the kind to get really into Hollywood- oh and did I mention I have three brothers.

However, when I was in 7th grade Pearl Harbor came out.  Let me tell you-what I lacked in love for Titanic I totally got in Love for Pearl Harbor.  My friends “picked” which boy we liked best and say the movie an ungodly amount of times.

In case you were wondering- I was a Josh Hartnett girl

Ha funny funny!  SO why did this come up?  Cause I still sort of love this movie but also cause I’ve been deciding what to do with my hair.  It’s getting “long”!  I also have thick thick hair that is a wavy curly and just a little crazy.  Whats a girl to do?  Remember her Pearl Harbor Love.
Yep Kate Beckinsale looks like her hair might have similar properties as mine.  SO I think I’m gonna keep on growing my hair out and see if I can get the 1940’s wave look (love the fashion from that era).
I also like her hair a lot in this picture
and straight in this picture
What do you think?  All these 1940’s pictures make me want to go buy some red lipstick:)
What is your favorite fashion era?
And big announcement: Next week I’m going to be food blogging!  That was the plan for this blog all along but I need to slowly break myself in (and not live at home)  I’m going to food blog every meal for the first time next week.  It’s just a week trial so get ready to tell me if I suck
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