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Blueberry Pie my oh my

June 19, 2010

SO before I headed out for my bike ride I snacked on my favorite fruit

I just love blueberries.  Last year my little brother, my Mom, and my cousin picked about 30 libs of blueberries.  Wanna know the crazy part- we ate then all in about two months.  I just love the blues

About half way through my ride I felt my stomach grumble.  Uh Oh I was 9 miles in and still had 9 to go.  Whats a girl to do.  I sucked it up and kept riding.  While riding though I figured out what I wanted as my lunch snack.

fancy peanut butter and  Thomas cinnamon raisin swirl bread.  Yum Yum Yum. . . Oh my gosh the peanut butter was amazing.  This was the perfect snack/lunch.

SO I will want to do body pump this afternoon but I needed a snack.  I’m gonna let myself digest a little more and then pump it out.  Two of my friends are coming over for homemade pizza tonight.  Pictures may not be included.  This is were I just want to be “normal”

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