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Sleeping In

June 19, 2010

I totally slept in today (like late slept in).  I had planned to get up and do my first eight mile run in months but by the time I woke up  it was already starting to really heat up.  It’s actually really okay because my IT band is twinging this mourning.  I have to really be careful because if I am not I could end up back in PT for the third time.  My plan is to not run today and to roll out my IT band.

I’m thinking Body Pump and maybe some jump rope and treadmill for cardio.  When I did wake up this mourning I was pumped to try

Because I’ve never had this before I decided I would have is straight up.  Just milk and protein powder

Twas good but could have used some banana- just saying- just saying.  I think I’ll spice it up a little bit next time.

Well I’m gonna finish my coffee and finish watching One Tree Hill on Soap net.

As much as I know this show is so silly it makes me happy.  I kind of feel like taking it easy and I’m going to let Body Pump download for my early afternoon workout.  I’m thinking

30 minutes power walk body pump 30 minute walk or maybe I’ll bike. . .

a 16 mile bike followed by Body Pump– this might win- getting outside could really clear my head.  I’d like to do a long bike ride sometime on Sunday.

Lunch will be late (or maybe more like a snack) I’ll post it later after the workout.  I think a fruit or veggie may be needed

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