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Happy Dads Day

June 20, 2010

SO my Dad is not in town this week (he is helping my older brother move into his new apartment in San Diego- such a “my Dad” thing to do).

Dad and I after my first marathon

My family- Christmas Picture a few years ago- Nate is tiny

My Dad’s favorite place- the Field Museum in Chicago.  My dad is very very science crazy.  He is always reading genetics books

SO Thanks to all Dads– and thanks to the guy who I can’t wait to meet and will maybe someday be the father of my children (someday not soon but he’s in my prayers)

Dinner last night was fun- Homemade Pizza and Spinach Salad

Plus a little suga

todays breakfast was one of those grab and nibble breakfasts that are not the greatest idea.  It’s one of those times when you should just sit down and eat a bowl of cereal but you don’t so. . . . nibble nibble nibble

That would be the Kashi Go Lean Crunch. . .

Nate and I went to Mass at 11:30 and when we got home I decided I needed a snack but not meal. . .  SO I made a smoothie

which we split- but it was spinach banana milk and muscle milk


My half. . . it really hit the spot in this mega hot weather

SO question of the Day- In honor of Fathers Day

What makes your Dad crazy?

My dad loves genetics a little bit too much.  He explains everything in life by the genes of something- even history.

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