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Harry Potter I love you

June 21, 2010

Did anyone check out Inner Works of a College Grad Student?  I think the pictures made me so jealous all I’ve been wanting to do is watch the movies.  So today when I was at the library taking a movie in for my Mom I decided to check out Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So tonight Nate and I are chilling and watching the movie before we start our first full Monday of work.

I had a little leftover snack today

a little nibble of homemade pizza. . . I ran some errands this afternoon and planned meals for Nate and I this week. . . I then went to the library and picked up movies and then hit the road for a long run (7 miles my longest since the injury)!  It was so hot I bet I sweated out two lbs of water.

Dinner was east coast (say hey say hey)! and easy

Lox and bagels (or bagel thins if your me).  Plus summer salad which is basically the easiest salad every- tomato and cucumber with some sea salt.

I think I needed more salt after the run because I grabbed some pretzels

and then went straight for the sugar cause I’ve got to say -I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas

I put some banana’s in the freezer to make banana soft serve so I can get a natural suga rush.

Well have a good start to your week-my mourning starts at 6:00 AM yuck

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