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Just one of those days

June 22, 2010

Yuck today was just one of those days.  I actually really enjoyed work- I love sweating and being outside. . . even if I am just cutting down corn to make rows more clear and counting the number of corn in a row.

But when I got back both Nate and I needed more sleep- so things just blew.  Now I have to say we are just playing the seperate game.  At first I though I should just make a smoothie and call it a night.  But then I though real dinner sounded better.

SO a big thanks to Jenna for the baked bean recipe for making me feel better.  In true Eat, Live, Run style I feel like I need a glass of wine- however, the heat makes me not want wine.

mixed up it looked like this

I ate while watching the Bachelorette- Oh goodness those boys!  I still have to say I’m pulling for Chris L.  I wish Rated R (Justin) and Casey would both be sent home.  Who will go home-I don’t know!

So my big question of the day is simple. . . When I got home from work I went to workout and I just felt annoyed.  Putting on my sports bra and shorts made me feel yuck- I almost wanted to stuff myself with unhealthy food. . . I want the weight to come off faster than it is

How do you stay motivated for the long run?

How do you live without instant results?

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  1. June 22, 2010 1:42 am

    Yum, those baked beans look sooo good!

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