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Working out on the way home

June 22, 2010

SO I decided to bike to and from work today-which is actually why this is the first time I’ve gotten a chance to blog.  I slept in this mourning (I’m calling 6:20 sleeping in now) and so was running a little late to get out the door.

Breakfast really hit the spot

kashi almond crunch (you can tell by the box) and Brown Cow greek yogurt (which they sell at Sam’s!)

I biked to work today so it was like I got to split by workout in two.  It’s a 9 mile ride so 18 miles total. . . Actually a pretty nice ride.  I think I’ll pair it with some Jillian Yoga and maybe a little Dennis Pilates and call it a day.

Lunch was eaten in the car after a few hours of walking up and down corn rows

A PB with Naturally More and J- always apricot jam in my world-  A nectorene and and some carrots.  Not all that exciting but simple and good.

After my bike ride home- the other 9 miles- I sat down to catch you up on my eats.  I also might have stuck a spoon into the banana soft serve and had a little 🙂  It is, after all, just banana (but oh so good).

Well the ice tea and blog time woke me back up and I think I’m ready to hit the gym (aka my basement) for a little extra workout.

but TWO stories from today

One: when I fell asleep in the van the boy next to me shut my book and stuck my bookmark on the page I had open.  A cute act for a 17 year old boy.  Any 17 year old girls looking for a guy-I’ll send him your way

and Two: this leads to my final question.  When I was biking home today one of the older’s half laughed at me and said “gosh don’t you ever run out of energy”.  I actually didn’t no what to say- truth is- nope I don’t every run out of energy- especially when it comes to sports.

Once I had an epic day. . . I ran 20 miles- canoed 6 miles (and this my friends was not your easy paced canoeing- I told you I’m competative) and then danced for about 3 hours at a jazz fest.  I got worn out after all that- but it takes a lot

Have you ever had an epic day?  I love epic day stories so PLEASE tell me!

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