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maybe it’s the late dinners

June 23, 2010

Well hi folks- hasn’t been very long but lunch post was very late today.  SO while dinner was late tonight-7:30- it still feels like I just posted.  Sorry if this post is uninspired.

I did do Jillian Yoga and I did two of the Dennis Austin pilates workouts.  I think I may do more.  I watched a silly movie with Hillary Duff in it while I was waiting for Nate to get home and I remembered that an article I read about her  when I lost the first 10 lbs.  I remember that she did Pilates and for about one summer-while I was losing weight-I also did Pilates.  I remember my belly got very strong

SO I’ll try it again

thanks for the reminder Ms. Hilary- Loved you in Lizzie McGuire 🙂

So dinner- wanted something easy- and had to wait for Nate

snacked on some pretzels

some salad

and a lot of sweet potato fries (baked) that I didn’t take a picture of

SO know I’m just sitting down to blog and watching

New York I Love You- it’s just started but I’m not sure how I feel- all these different characters- all these different plot lines- seems to be the in thing with chic flicks these days

My favorite chic flick is Runaway Bride your turn

What is your favorite Chick Flick?

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  1. peanutbutterfingers permalink
    June 23, 2010 7:15 pm

    my fav chick flick is how to lose a guy in 10 days! love it!!!

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