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Track and Field or World Cup

June 26, 2010

Or Both

I started running/racing at the age of 11 (so yes I’ve been running for half my life).  I love the sport- I get the sport.  SO while yes I know the world cup is on-I’m watching the US championships.  I’ve been doing some flipping back and forth but my heart is pretty much sold on track and field.

I slept in a little late again (8:00) and then headed over to take care of my Aunts dog.  I took my coffee with me and enjoyed sitting out withe Ollie the dog.

When I got back I grabbed a handful of

Kashi Go Lean Crunch which pretty much holds my heart!

I did Body Pump and walked three miles and then decided it was time I grab some easy lunch

Spinach-coffee-skim milk-muscle milk light (1/2 serving)- and steva

added in some pretzels to make it hit the spot

Well folks- track and field is over so I guess I’ll switch back to world cup!  I did see the US Goal.

Welp- GO US Go US- and track and field is on again Sunday!

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