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Ask for Help

June 27, 2010

SO I’ve had a hard weekend.  Nothing has actually happened- but I’ve just been alone a lot.  Also- the Sunday check up is not good.  I’ve somehow put on weight very quickly and feel like I can’t control it.  SO I’m asking for help.  At mass today it hit me.  We can’t do this alone.  Honestly it’s not even that hard to live life- if you are with others.

So I got home from lunch and I put myself back into it.  I want my health not my weight.  So I want to focus on health and not on weight.  I feel like if I’m eating well- screw the weight.  So for lunch I went veggies

Hummus- tortilla- spinach- black olives (LOVE)- and avacado

It hit the spot and it really started me off on a better foot.  A healthy meal really makes me feel good things- like I can do good things for myself.

Well I need to get things done around out house and get ready for work Monday.  Hoping to get out to for a run and some pilates or yoga

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