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Giving Up

June 29, 2010

I love this song!  While I’ve never been in a long term relationship (yes I am 22) I feel like after watching my friends go through relationships, when love someone you have to give some things up-but you gain a lot. . . Sorry didn’t mean to go into a philosophy of love lesson.

What you ask am I giving up.  Not things for love- not yet.  I’m giving up

drum roll please

artificial sweetners

I’ve been working my way through “Master Your Metabolism”

Most of what Jillian Talks about I already do.  Like not eat crap. . . eating mostly fruit and veggies. . . but I have something to admit to you all

I used (notice the past tense) tons of aritificail sweeterns.  In my coffee in my tea (we are talking tons). . . SO what I learned.  Jillian talks about how a study found t artificial sweetners actually can cause your body not to react to sweet foods.  The body adapts and thinks hmmm . . . sweet doesn’t mean high calories (yes my body talks in italics.  Okay so this totally freaked me out!

SO I’m on day two and a half.  By the way this means I’ve also cut back on my coffee. . . I haven’t had any in two days which is actually no big woop but still.  I plan to have a cup on weekends but not on the weekdays.

SO what do you thing.  What are your bad habits?  How has cutting them out of your life helped/changed?

Well folks! I have some laundry to hand out and want to watch the bachelorette on hulu.  I got my loan info back which actually really excited me.  I’m going to be a rD!  The government is loaning me money!  Know what does unsubsodived mean/how much do I have/ money money money. . .

ALSO found this on the cooking chanel

New TiVo for me!  Oh Ellie-I love that we have the same name-we both love to cook- and we will both be Rd’s.  I’ll do a post on how much I love her sometime!

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