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July 2, 2010

SO it’s friday right.  But some people AHHHMMMM (me) have to work on Saturday.  I’m trying to figure out how to make my Friday Friday but still go to work on Saturday.  Maybe a movie tonight instead of my usual night walk or maybe it’s all about giving into those random cravings. . . like

Nope that is not breakfast- that is lunch!  Why not- it’s like a pb sandwich but I used oats right?  It’s totally the new in thing 😉

I also sampled some new salsa (my favorite food-and yes salsa is a food when you eat as much and as often as I do) and I had a few marshmallows for dessert (random but it’s friday).

Well folks it’s off the clean with my Mom for the afternoon.  I think a late afternoon run is in order maybe a few extra miles to make it more Fridayesc.  Yes I did just make up a word.  Also don’t have plans for the 4th of July so I think that throws off my weekend feel.

Happy Friday to all you who have a real Friday (I say this without holding a grudge)

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