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Celebrate-run your heart out

July 3, 2010

SO I decided to make my friday more Friday by going for a run.  It started out as a normal run and I was debating between 4 and 6 miles.  I bike 18 miles a day to work and I’d cleaned all afternoon so 4 was starting to win in my head. . . but then this song came on and 6 miles as fast as I could came out of me. . .

Holy Moly  I just found the best running song EVERY!  I basically ran my heart out and felt my like I was flying. . . and working against the odds.  The coolest feeling ever!  Oh and by the way I’ve been taught to run on feel- no timed miles un

Dad was in charge of dinner so I got roast, new potatos, and carrots (we are a little low on veggies).  I didn’t protest, although I’m not really a red meat girl.  I just listened to a lesson on I tunes U (new obsession) about sports nutrition.  Red meat is a great source of iron and eaten only a few times a week (first time in a few weeks for me) can actually be really good for you.  Especially as a runner- I need my iron to keep oxygen pumping to my muscles so I can have more runs like I had today.

SO . . . confession: I was totally over on my calories today. . . but first off- got an amazing run and second lets face it I’m super active (bike 18 miles, walk up and down all morning, clean all afternoon, run 6 miles and do strength drills) I basically didn’t stop moving today.  SO on I go. . .I’ll watch a little closer Saturday- it was just nice to ease up a bit

I leave you with my favorite runners. . . cause today was all about the run

Miss. Kara Goucher. . . read about her in 2007 fell in love with her as she ran New York and Boston (same year as me).  After Boston I was sold- she was so sweet in her interviews but so intense.  I also how amazing her muscle looks.  As a marathon runner most of the elites look like sticks-Kara is beautiful and has amazing muscle tone.

Boston 2009

and of course

Paula Radcliffe!  When I started learning about marathons in the summer of 2006 I learned about Paula.  In my mind she is a the Queen of running.  I mean- world record-check, New York Marathon- check- New York three times- check. . . she is basically amazing.

and guess what-they are both pregnant and due on the same day!  They trained together for four months while pregnant. . . That is just cool!

Pregnant Kara- how cute!

ALSO because this post is all about running I though I’d give you a glimpse of my current lust. . . Oh how i want you but don’t want to spend the money. . . Ebay maybe?

Nike Free’s. . . they just look so cool

SO your turn

What is your sport?

Who are your favorite athletes?

What sports equipment or shoes are you lusting after?

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