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Hot Corn

July 3, 2010

So we worked 5 hours today but we get to call it 6.  For time and a half that is not actually bad.  I have to say though- I was getting cranky and hungry toward the end.  When we finished about 12:30 I was so ready to get out of the corn field.  Plus I have Sunday off and that just makes me happy.  It’s the first day I’ve had off in a week and most likely the last I’ll have off in a while.  No more half days-no more weekends-keep reminding me that I need to pay my rent.

Honestly I grabbed some not some nibbles when I got home and then headed to the pond.  I wanted to lay out a little to undo some tan lines but I’m really bad at laying out.

My family headed to a cookout at my Mom’s cousins but I wasn’t in the mood.  Plus lets be honest, that is kind of distant family for me.  I’m working on reminding my Mom that I’m 22.

Lunch for me needed to be cold

muscle milk light, skim milk, banana blended to the max and cold as can be

also had some whole wheat bread my Dad makes.  It was a little dry so I added some apricot jam (LOVE apricot jam make me think of my Grandmother).

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