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My Life on The Run:Part 1

July 7, 2010

So I told you all about my amazing run Friday and I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about my life as a runner.  This post also includes lots of fun and silly pictures. . . You can tease me about any and all of them!

I started running in 6th grade.  It was the first year I could go our for the cross country team and I wasn’t sure I wanted to run.  My Mom thought it would be good for me so. . . out the door I went.

I loved it and had a lot of fun.  I was by no means good. . . but I enjoyed the other kids on the team and liked how simple running was as a sport

My 7nth grade cross country team.

I ran through junior high and high school.  High school was a totally different world.  Our coach was really tough.  He worked us hard and While I didn’t always love it, I worked my butt off.  Some weeks went really well and some didn’t but I kept coming back for more.

My senior year of high school my running changed a ton!  I put in a lot of miles that summer it changed the kind of runner I became.  I started to run because I loved running, not just because.  I ran with heart for the first time in my life.  I started to place in the top 10 at races and while I was never the winner I became a member of the lead pack.  I enjoyed being good at something!

I also ran track and field which I liked but didn’t love as much as cross country. . .

When I went to college my high school coach encouraged me to contact the coach at SLU.  I did meet the coach and after a few phone calls decided I would try running in college.  I loved my high school team and thought that this could be a great place to meet new friends.  I started the year as a middle of the pack runner and a lost kid.  I loved my coach but wasn’t making friends on the team.  At the end of the season I hadn’t seen a PR and had a questionable ache in my left leg along the bone.  The PT claimed it was shin splints but I had never had them before.  However after three weeks off I found the pain had not let down any.  I was worried so I went to see a doctor.  Turns out I had a really bad stress fracture.  I had to take three months off, which is when I met my friend Bess.

Bess is a live wire who reminded my why I love running and helped me not be lost!  Basically she was my running saint.  As I was coming back on after the stress fracture she took me under her wing and I got to run with her as she trained for her first marathon.  We had fun!

After my recovery I returned to the track team and finished out the year.  I enjoyed the time I got to spend with the team and the traveling I got to do.  I also liked that from time to time I got to run into my high school friends who also ran.

However the coach I loved left after my freshman year.  After my freshman year the coach who I really liked left.  Without that pull of the team I lost my heart to run with them.  Plus I met a new group of running friends!

These guys are amazing and reminded my what it meant to run with heart and to love the race.

SO I decided to leave the team and run for me-with friends.  I decided to run the St. Louis Marathon because it freaked the heck out of me.  I loved the training!  I loved the people!  In in April of 2008 I ran my first marathon.

I finished in 3 hours and 33 minutes.  Which meant that I qualified for boston!

I then ran the Grand Rapids marathon that fall in in 3:33 (I guess that is my time)

SO that spring I got down to and dirty.  I trained like a mad women running as many as 80 miles a week.  I LOVED pushing my body and feeling on top of the world.  Knowing Boston would rock my socks

and it did-I could do a whole post on Boston and how amazing it was.  Let me just say I’ve been to the mecca of running and it was amazing.

We met some of my heros

Dick Hoyt– I freaked when I met him

I guess the whole thing got to me cause I ran the best race of my life.

and PRed at

3 hours 26 minutes and 15 seconds

I was on such a high that I decided to run chicago. . . and everything went south.  It’s sad to say but I think I should have taken a bread after boston but I just didn’t want to.  I ran Chicago at a all time low

3 hours 36 minutes

but worse than a bad time- I didn’t have fun. . . I missed Bess. .. .  I got lonely. . .  lots of people had I pods in (I am a firm no ipod in race person). . .  I was a grouch for the next few days

I tried to rally when I got home but my body didn’t want to.  Things seemed to be going wrong left and right.  SO finally my body broke.  I could not run. . . Three weeks of PT in February was followed by another six weeks in April.

and know. . . . I”M BACK!  But more on that Wednesday.  For now goodnight!  Hoped you enjoyed my life on the run

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