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Not my thing

July 13, 2010

SO as you know I tried Tai Chi and I just have to say-

It’s not my thing. . . .  It was to slow to be a workout like yoga (plus it lacked to stretch I love from yoga).  Also I’m a totally smily person so the fact that the instructor kept giving me the look of death cause I was smiling didn’t help.  Finally, I giggled at some of the silly moves.  I giggle all the time but this was one of those “not okay” times.  My Mom is also a giggler and tried to give me the “Ellie Stop” look but just burst into laughter.

SO I’m gonna Hulu some yoga . . . WOW

did you know. . . .

Self is on Hulu

Dennis Austen is on Hulu

Kathy Smith (okay so I don’t even know who this is) is on Hulu

Envy Girls are on Hulu (looks like Carmen Electra esc)

and Yoga Fusion is on Hulu

Whats a girl to choose?

P.S.  I reserve green to talk about boys. . . it is after all my favorite color 🙂  I’m such a little girl

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