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Times they are a changing

July 16, 2010

I wanted to start with a sweet story.  So I haven’t worked with The Farmer in about three days 😦  Today though we worked together for about an hour.  When we worked together on Monday I ran out of paperclips three times.  So today as we were working he told me “I filled my apron with three boxes of paperclips but we haven’t worked together in three days”  lets just say I melted for a sec.

This story actually leads me to were I’m going.  I read  Carrots ‘N’ Cake the other day and Tina was talking about the phrase omnia quae cupia or everything I want I have.  She talked about how over the last year she has made a lot of changes to get to the place she wants to be.

So were do I want to be?

This picture was actually taken 4 years ago at the end of the school year.  I was in the Ag room and I was posing for a picture stating that I didn’t know were I wanted to be in four years.  While I’m sitting in my old bedroom-I’ve learned a lot.  I feel I’ve also started to figure out what I want in life.  I know that to get to the places I want to go I need to make changes.  I thought I’d write them out for the world to read, exposing myself to you all makes me feel real!

1. Become a RD

I have a school!  I have a class schedule!  Now I have to do the work.

Plan of Action

Study of course.  Get involved with organizations.  Do some advicating.  Job shadow

2. Food Blog

I started the blog!  I even spent a week food blogging.  In august I’ll move out on my own.

Plan of Action

Move out on my own.  Commit to food blogging.  Join the community of food bloggers I LOVE reading about,

3. Love and Respect my Body

I’ve started this blog which I think is a great outlet.  I’ve even started to be more comfortable with my Body.  However, I haven’t felt good about my Body since- well ever!

Plan of Action

Blog and write about times I feel “ugly”.  Work out hard but eat healthy.  Have treats.  Let go of little things that bother me.  Work not to compare

4. Make Friends in a New Community

I have one contact.  T.J. is a friend of mines brother.

Plan of action

Find a job- meet people that way.  Learn more about the running club.  Find a church

5. Date/relationship/ someday a partner

Confession: More than I want anything- I want to be a wife (and someday Mother).  My longest relationship is three months and I have really only dated three guys.  SO. . . yep!  But it’s my fault and I wouldn’t trade what I have had (three soulmate friends, a crazy amazing life,  and a little bit of heart break) I do, however, want that to change someday. . . but really it’s in Gods hands and I Have Faith.

Plan of action

Nothing huge-I’ve always been told it’ll come when your not looking so- on with my life 🙂  But taking guys up on the “I’ll Help” and the “wanna’s” and the “I’ll teach you” – you just never know

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