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Stylish Saturday

July 18, 2010

SO. . . I need a new Style. . .  Did anyone watch the show Privileged on the CW?  I was on about a year ago.  I loved the main character Megan’s style.  Lots of cardigans, loose shirts, and skinny jeans.  Her style was very easy cute.

I’ll be starting grad school this fall and one thing I want to work on is having a style.  Currently I’m in gym cloths everyday so so I’m really looking forward to having a style.  I searched Megan Smith Privileged style and came up with this

other pictures


I feel liek this character had style I could be cute in but still run around in.

SO. . . I did some looking around today and pulled a few things to show you

From Old Navy

under shirts



workout cloths


I have a Gap Gift card and I’ve been looking at what to use it for.  I think I’ll use it for jeans but I like these two things a lot

or the thing I’m really looking at/craving


What Character would you like to dress like?

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