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Growing UP

July 20, 2010

So over the last few years I’ve noticed little things that make me feel like I’m growing up.  These last few days have hit hard in the “am I old” feelings.  I thought it would be fun to tell you about them

1.  Online banking- today I filled out my online banking info. . . so in two days I’ll have online banking!  I know-not even that old of a thing- but a responsible thing.

2. Crying- I feel like this is a silly thing to say made me grow up but it did.  This is silly but I had an emotional weekend.  My little brother’s girlfriend is a year older than him and this weekend it hit him that she will be going to college in the fall.  While it’s only a 30 minute drive to the university of illinois I think it hit him that this will be different.  It’s just hard to see his heart break- it made me cry

3. Knowing I need sleep- I feel like I’ve always known that I need sleep.  When I was a kid I used to crawl under my bed and wait for someone to come get me and put me in my bed.  I guess I can know just sort of feel when I need sleep.

4. Catching up.  Yesterday I walked with my best friend from high school.  We didn’t actually talk about people or what we were doing but we talked about life and were we wanted to be.  I guess it just is a adult relationship were you can spend months apart and still have everything to talk about without feeling like you have to catch up.

5. Rolling out my heart.  I feel like rolling out my heart is something I’m slowly learning to do.

Well folks- finishing up the bachelorette before I shower and read.  Starting a new book tonight

So excited!  I want to finish it before the movie comes out in August!

Can anyone else believe Frank?  What a scum-I never liked him anyway.

SO . . .

What has made you feel like a grown up?

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