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Early Up Challenge

August 2, 2010

SO Sorry I posted my guts about not finding an apartment.  I’m just getting really frustrated.

I’ve decided to start a new challenge.  What, you ask, is the challenge?

No it’s the the stay positive while apartment hunting challenge (although maybe it should be).

It’s the

Wake up early challenge

With school starting in just three weeks I’ve looked at my schedule and figured out the best time to run would be early in the mourning (5:30).  However, getting up this early is not something I usually do.  I usually get up between 6:30 and 7:00.  So I’ve decided instead of trying to get up with early on the first day of class and having trouble with it all day I’m going to ease myself into it.

I’m starting with a 6:30 get up time.  This is not a freakishly early time for me so it shouldn’t be to hard.  I’ll just wake up, grab my running cloths and go.  I can count on a shower and hot coffee when I get back.  Next week I think I’ll try even earlier and go for a 6:00 wake up time.  You see how this will work, slowly but surely I’ll ease myself into a 5:30 wake up and run.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  Promise 🙂  Keep cheering for me and keep this apartment situation in your prayers (although not above the many much more important things, in the real scheme of things it’s no big deal)

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