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Labor of Love

August 12, 2010

When I was in High School my oldest brothers girlfriend made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies.  Along with being a sweet heart in general- the cookies won my family over.  From then on it has been my goal to create amazing chocolate chip cookies so that someday I can win over some guy and his family.

SO when I read Jenna’s (click on link for recipe) post about the cookies she made I knew I would be trying the recipe.  OMG!  I split one with my little brother (he actually ate three and a half while I had a half).  They were amazing.  Pictures for you- please avoid getting drool on your computer

Yep Yep Yep- I actually ate a salad with chicken and salsa while they baked because I was hmmm. . . . trying to avoid the cookie dough.  I actually did an okay job 🙂 but some may have made it’s way into my stomach!  I figure baking cookies will kind of be over for a long time.  First off because I don’t want to pay for butter and chocolate chips (maybe from time to time).

Well Folks I’m gonna go hop on the treadmill (gross I know but it’s so hot it’s hard to imagine trying to run).  I have Glee loaded onto my ipod so I’ll be running to show tunes :).  I also split things up a bit.  Thats my trick to the treadmill.  I split it up every two or three miles.  I think I’m gonna use Jillian No More Trouble Zones as my split.  The plan

3 miles

segments 1, 2, 3

3 miles

segments 4, 5

2 miles

the total of eight miles plus some strength work!

How do you run on the treadmill when it’s just a must?

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  1. Molly permalink
    August 14, 2010 12:11 pm

    I got your comment, SO FREAKING JEALOUS that you are going to ISU next year! I want to be there so bad 😦 I will be reading your blog EVERYDAY now, just so I can live through you haha

    Ill be down for some FB games this year, blogger meet up!?


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