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food snob

August 14, 2010

Hello my name is Ellie and I am a food snob.

I’ve been a food snob for most of my life.  My parents actually taught me to be a food snob.  They taught me that some foods are just better than others.  That fruit should be good fruit and that white bread did not taste as good as brown bread.  They taught me that cheap food isn’t worth it if it tastes bad and that good food is healthy food.

When I went to college I actually became more of a food snob.  I was exposed to cheap unhealthy food (yep my parents actually don’t buy a lot of things like sugary cereal and pre made foods).  It didn’t take long for me to realize that some foods are just not worth it.  Like premade cookie dough (YUCK), frozen pizza (bleak), and waxy apples.

Foods I am a snob of





and so much more including BREAD

In high school I was exposed to the difference between real bread which is grainy and full of flavor and store bought bread.  Last year my parents got a bread machine at a garage sale.  My Mom thought it would be fun.  Know all they eat is homemade bread.  I just can’t go back to cheap store bought bread.  SO enter my crazy kitchen appliance.

a BREAD MACHINE!  Yep folks I will be making my own bread.  Why?  Because it tastes so much better!  Also it’s so easy- just measure the ingredients and plug it in (yes the bread machine lives in the garage in the summer because it’s to hot to come inside.

Oh and yes that is a loaf of white bread.  I know i said I am a whole wheat girl and I am.  However, I have not mastered the bread machine and my Dad tells me I have to start with white to learn the ways of wheat.

Well back to life I guess.  I move in four days but have not hit the packing stride.  This might be a bad thing

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