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heavenly day

August 18, 2010

SO No sleep last night.  At some point I just gave up (around 3:00) and decided to watch bad TV on Hulu and enjoy the breeze.  I have a bad habit of looking at the JCrew wedding dresses when I can’t sleep.  The companies page wasn’t loading so I just went to google images.

I know it’s a really bad habit.  I’m years from this.  But the J Crew dresses are so beautiful and yet SO simple.  I think thats how I always end up on their page.

Then (downward spiral) I ended up on some ladies wedding blog.  Maybe not the best idea.  Her wedding was amazing.  She has this song linked and know I’m in LOVE with it.  I think I’ve listened to it 25 times

I just let the song wash over me as the sun came up. I made some big decisions

1. I emailed the farmer.  I was really sad (remember green=boy) cause I didn’t get to say bye to him.  SO without a phone number and the kid doesn’t have facebook whats a girl to do.  I mean just go to his campus web page, find the people finder, and email the kid (my Dad has his email address so this is actually not that creepy, I could have just asked Dad but he is in Iowa).  So techno savy I know 🙂  The email was super short and sweet just told him to have a good school year.  I actually feel really at peace with it and him.  I don’t know why but he has been on my mind all the time (well Ellie that would be because you like him) and I just needed to do something.  SO . . . I did.  It’s done.  In Gods hands. . .

I then listened to the song about 500 more times and watched the sun come up through my window and listened to the Roster crow (for real it starts at around 4:00 am and goes until about 11:00).  Peace just flooded over me.  I feel like life will and is leading in the right direction.  I have faith.  Someday I’ll meet the guy who will take his cowboy boots off at my front door.  For now I’m starting studying something I am SO excited about.

With the weight off my chest I decided to get out of bed.  The breeze is blowing and it feels AMAZING.  I started the coffee pot and knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast

banana with a thick creamy layer of PB!  YUMMMM oh Yummm

and a cup of steaming got coffee

and enjoyed the view

What songs bring you peace?

Update normal food blogging will begin soon.  We have to set up internet at our new apartment but after that!

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