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Veggies and Chem

August 20, 2010

yep thats how I spent my afternoon!  I only have four classes this fall and I’m okay with that.  Getting back to chem is really going to take me a lot of work.  My other classes are econ (which I’ve had before but ISU won’t accept my class) and two food science classes.  I think it’ll be a good back to science semester

Lunch was easy and needed.  I don’t think I’ve had veggies in two days (YIKES)

spinach, broccoli, olives, and salsa for salad dressing

I nibbled a few pieces of shredded wheat just to add a few complex carbs.  I’m babysitting all afternoon.  From 3:15 to 5:00 for one family and from 5:05 to 8:00 for another.  I know I’m popular.  I think dinner will be eaten with the second girl but I guess I’ll see.  I have an apple and granola bar in my bag just in case.

Well Gotta go pick up family 1.  Babysitting on Saturday also 🙂

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