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Day before it begins

August 22, 2010

BLEAH!  I’ll be done with class by this time on Monday!  Crazy!  I’m starting to get a little nervous but that could be because I still haven’t bothered to walk my classes.  (Yikes).  My bike comes today and I plan to take it out and time how long it takes me to get to my first class.  Just so I know for the mornin.  Three of my four classes are in the same building.  I just need to know 4 buildings.  Chem plus a lab, economics, and then both my food science classes are in the same builing.

Sorry BTW about the internet issues yesterday.  It’s gonna be like this for the next few days.  I was “stealing” internet and know I can’t do that.  So I have to wait for comcast to get to our apartment.  I’m hopping it’s done by the end of the week.  For now it’s a good thing I like Panera!

I babysat yesterday evening and then went for a run on a new trail.  The trail was really wonderful!  However, I noticed I was the only person in just a sports bra . . . .  hmmmmmm is this town gonna make me put a shirt on?

When I got back home I wanted real food

Enter eggs, sweet potatos, and broccoli

Yummm Yummmm Yummm. . . My first real food in a few days

I actually sat down to eat!  I picked up the paper and read a little news while I ate

Then in a new tradition I read the funnies and dear abby while enjoying dessert

Saturday continued with a two hour chat with my older brother.  He is totally the older brother type and loves to impart wisdom.  Thanks Cade?

Well I have a confession. .. . I skipped breakfast this morning!  Sorry Sorry I know I know better.  I was in a hurry to get out the door to mass and grab everything i needed for a little time at Panera that I didn’t eat.  I know i could get something here but I’d rather save the dimes and have some oatmeal at 12:00ish.  I’ll be sure to add plenty of peanut butter and banana to make it a little more dense and to try to tell my body sorry

SO that brings me to my question

How do you keep from skipping meals form time to time?

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