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Future RD

August 23, 2010

I made it part of the way through my first day as a future RD.  I’ve decided to just say that instead of saying my first day as a post baq 🙂  I’m also right in the middle of setting up our internet.  Cross your fingers this goes easily (and happens soon I love panera but I’m getting sick of having to pay for a cup of coffee just to use the internet. . .  You catch my drift right)  I miss the internet being easy to get on!

So. . . Guess who got up at 5:20 this morning, ran 4.5 miles, showered, ate breakfast, and got ready for my day all before I had to leave our apartment at 7:30.  I also learned I don’t have to leave that early which is nice to know.

Breakfast was really simple

Greek Yogurt and an Apple plus a Mug FULL of coffee.  I took the chopping block into my room and ate as I got ready which worked really well.  I think I’ll continue to get up this early. . . but this way I’ll have time to blog in the morning!

I grabbed lunch and was in such a hurry I didn’t take a picture.  I promise, give me time, I’ll get better.  Lunch was a salad with tuna and salsa as my dressing.  I also nabbed a nature valley granola.  I think this will tide me over until dinner.  I have class tonight so dinner will be eaten in class 😦  I hate night classes.

Well folks!  Looks like I’ll have internet on Friday!  Yeah

Have a great Monday!  Holla if you started school today

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