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August 26, 2010

I can’t wait to have the internet!  Friday afternoon I will be back online!  Yeah!  Good bye Panera- I’ll still visit (I promise)!  I can’t wait to post on a normal basis

I thought I’d give you just a few pictures of eats from the last few day

Monday night packed dinner of a pb and j, grapes, and carrots.  Class ended way early so I was able to bring my dinner home and eat it at the table!

Tuesday AM breakfast!  Yeah for Green Monsters.  How come they always hit the spot.  Plus who doesn’t love getting a serving of veggies in with breakfast.

So I decided since I’d had some veggies a bowl of cereal and an apple would be an okay lunch.  I love Kashi go lean!  I feel like I’ve been eating it non stop.  I think I need to slow down on the cereal.

Dinner was really easy.  I didn’t get out to run until late and my stomach was feeling a little off so I went with a easy snacky dinner.  I had some greek yogurt and some grapes.  I of course also nibbled some kashi go lean.

Well folks I promise I’ll start the normal daily blog soon.  I hope you will hang in there with me

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