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I wish

August 28, 2010

I wish I had a some lovely homemade food to show you. . . .   but I gave in to easy.

I wish I could say that I had big happy plans for my Friday night . . . but I don’t

So yep. . . I did it the easy way

Yep thats a knock off pizza.  I wanted to Pizza.  I’ve been having trouble getting in from my runs before 7:30 so I decided to just go easy

I did, however, have a salad on the side.  I made it an easy one, spinach and salsa

It wasn’t that exciting but it worked for my pizza craving.  It was after all my first Friday back to school!

I also decided that dessert was not even something I was not considering.  It was something I had to have

Oh Yum. . . hot chocolate with two marshes and a scoop of whipped cream.  It made me swoon

yum yum yum

Well folks. .  . I have a confession.  When it starts to cool off I can only think of one thing. . . cross country.  I loved running XC.  I think I’ll always long for cross country in the Fall

I’m indulging my longing by watching this

What Sport Did you play in high school?  Do you miss it?

I totally miss Cross Country.  We were pushed HARD and some days I hated it.  My senior year I had an amazing year.  It was a real break through.  I ran my fastest 3 miles in 19:45!  I almost made it to State (one place)!

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