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Heating and Fruit

August 29, 2010

I spent my afternoon reading about heating (for cooking) and fruit.  I actually read some really cool things.  I still have my fruit chapter to finish.  I would like to hit the hay around 11:00 so we’ll see.

I skipped a real lunch and went for a easy snack

an apple and a glass of iced tea- I also nabbed some almonds latter in the afternoon

I did take a break and get a good run in.  8 happy miles on constitution trail.  I really like the trail but I’ve only figured out how to run about 8 miles.  I know the trail is 10 miles long but I’m gonna have to do some investigating to figure out how to do more.  I’d like to get a 12 mile run in on Sunday!

When I got back I could feel my hunger.  It had come up my throat and was resting just below my ribs- does anyone else feel hunger just below their ribs?  Weird I know

Dinner had to be fast

leftover quinoa

a veggie burger that looks horrible but tasted really good

and roasted veggies (broccoli and brussels sprouts roasted in olive oil with garlic salt).

It tasted good and filled me up.  But not all the way.  There was still room for this

that would be more hot chocolate two marshes and a piece of dark choc (which might have had another piece added to it. . . ha ha haaaaaa).

So back to fruit I guess.  Sleep must come soon

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