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Fire Alarm

August 30, 2010

Woops I might have set the fire alarm off while cooking dinner.  I actually didn’t create that much smoke so now i know our fire alarm is touchy.

I snacked on three (yes three) carrots this afternoon before heading out for a 5 mile run.  When I got home I new I needed dinner stat- but I also knew I wanted some sweet tators which take a little longer to cook.  Enter high oven temps- and what set the fire alarm off.  I was able to get it off really quickly by jiggling the batter (is this okay?)

Okay back to dinner.  As mentioned at breakfast, eggs are my go to protein.  They came in handy today

but I had a slight problem.  The green beans had gone bad.  At first I thought, I’ll just eat them.  But a few bites in and I was done for.  SO I made a spinach salad to get my greens in

Much Better.  I also nibbled some chocolate and may or may have had two marshes. . . I’m hot choclated out so I’m taking a break.  Well chem lab awaits me.  I really would like to have it finished before the week starts

Have a good Sunday evening.  Relax if you can

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