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Fall in Love

September 3, 2010

I think I’ll get married in the Fall.  I don’t really plan my wedding but I think late fall when it’s a little cool would fit me well.  Who knows, clearly not me!  I just love the season so much.  Around here they say Fall starts after labor day (is that universal?)  For me Fall doesn’t start until mid to late september when the weather gets cool and stays cool.  Usually though, starting around labor day we have fall preview days.

What, you ask, is a fall preview day?

It’s a day when the weather cools off and you know fall is coming.  Today is totally a fall preview day!  The high for the bloomington IL area is 72!  Thank goodness my Mother visited yesterday and brouht me porch furniture

But as you can see by this tree picture it’s not actually Fall because our leaves are still green

Oh well, Fall is coming. . . I sat down on the porch to read 30 Days of Self Love and had to go get a sweater!  I like sweaters and fleeces

I also drank the most fall coffee possible and wanted to post about it.

I start with some Pumpkin Spice coffee.  My Mom and I stopped by Fresh Market yesterday to pick something up for dinner and found it.  I’m really cheap about a lot of things but (because of my parents who grind their fancy coffee beans) I’m a coffee snob.  Which is an expensive habit.  Good thing my Mom was along to feed my addiction!

I have a milk frother.  I love my milk frother.  It’s from whole foods and it was totally worth the $10.  I heat about 1/4 to 1/2 cup milk for 30 sec in the microwave while the coffee brews.  I then froth my milk and add some pumpkin spice.

Then I just pour my coffee on top.  It’s amazing

Other Fall foods I love


and sweets (together over a whole grain like brown rice- thats actually my favorite meal)

butternut squash soup (coming soon with recipe I promise)

and coming even sooner (think Sunday) spaghetti squash!

and APPLES!  Oh speaking of apples my Mom brought me a bunch from our local orchard.  I think I’lll pull one out and read Eat Pray Love on the porch.  Thank God (as in thanks man) for three day weekends!

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  1. September 4, 2010 12:07 am

    Brussels and sweet potatoes are my all time favorite veggies!

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